Pastry Shop, Confectionery, Bakery & Café

Pastry Shop, Confectionery, Bakery & Café

The Mohn Bakery, founded in 1894, is a traditional establishment that operates eight branches and has expanded its offerings over the years well beyond daily bread to include fine pastry and confectionery products. The company's eight branches have also grown beyond their humble bakery origins and are cherished by loyal customers as places for socializing, contemplation, or simply a brief respite. Therefore, the renovation of the Weinfelden location was guided by the principle of seamlessly integrating the production processes of the bakery and confectionery crafts with the requirements of a retail space possessing the qualities of an attractive café.

For this typological fusion, a total area of 160 square meters was available, allowing the individual areas to flow into one another without interfering with their respective operations. A prominent and space-defining element was a wooden structure made of parallel slender wooden bars, extending vertically along the room's front wall and then folding into a distinctive ceiling covering, from which a vertical partition wall extends into the space. Warm wood, earthy, and chocolate tones, as well as clear geometric shapes, create a coherent framework for the arrival, departure, and stay of guests, as well as for the finely detailed confectionery assortment.

A distinctive detail is the simple, frame-like shelves made of black-painted metal, which overlay the surfaces discreetly, resembling a Mondrian-inspired grid.

Location: Weinfelden Project Status: Completed 2022 Architectural Services: Concept & Visualization, Execution Planning, Realization & Construction Management

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