The fact that the human body is almost dispensable in modern workplaces is evident from the ongoing boom of fitness studios and gyms, especially in major cities. In these spaces, people now compensate for what was once associated with toil in the fields and factories: strenuous effort, physical exertion, and endurance. The resemblance of the equipment required for this purpose to machines from the early industrial era is not entirely coincidental. The design of the premises takes its own unique approach: the rugged training apparatus, rendered in matte black, stands in a neutral environment where nothing distracts from the primary purpose of the visit.

The simple walls feature only large-scale anatomical studies of human movements and the studio's logo, with the ceiling, clad in acoustic elements, being the sole focal point. The entire space, through its focused contemplation of its structural elements, almost comes into its own: a powerhouse.

Location: Zurich Owner: Jeroen Debrunner Completed: 2019 Architectural Services: Concept, Interior Design, Execution Planning & Realization Photographer: Daniel Schlauri

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