Some passions resist equal treatment. For instance, the predominantly male-shared love for luxury sedans, sports cars, and supercars. This insight is at the heart of the design of the premium car showroom. The expansive 550-square-meter space is dedicated to showcasing engineering artistry and aesthetics. Even though vehicles in this price range are increasingly sold over the internet, the showroom owner wants to offer their customers the allure of the real thing. The immaculate models are presented as perfectly illuminated individual pieces, and even the workshop exudes a cool, aseptic tidiness reminiscent of a film set.

Within the sales area, a cigar lounge with an attached bar has been integrated, consistently translating the experience of luxury and technology into ambiance and comfort. The wedge-shaped bar counter and wall cladding are made of warm, dark-tinted solid wood, which, thanks to subtle lighting accents and the silvery shimmering surfaces on the back wall of the bar, continues the elegant interior of a Bentley – and, if you will, anticipates the fulfillment of dreams stirred by being here.

Location: Zürich Owner: Autowelt Schweiz Completed: 2021 Architectural Services: Concept, Interior design, Execution planning & realization Photographer: Daniel Schlauri